Monday, March 1, 2010

First name Megan, Last name Ultimate

Now.. I'm warning you this is a sorry excuse to try and collect all my memories. I believe the only people to read this will be my sister Lacey and my future eternal companion Ryan Snow. If you're neither of these people.. I sincerely hope you enjoy and understand. Where to start? I'm 20, adorable, gigantic, partially ambitious, addicted to Family Guy, borderline depressed at times that I wasn't born an African American, involved, driven, and am personally responsible for the rise in McDonalds Chicken McNugget consumption in Logan, Utah. Like most people my age, I love napping and getting things for free. Moving out of Idaho and down to Logan was the best decision I have ever made. I have been blessed with challenging experiences and the patience to deal with them. I refuse to let myself spend more than a minute feeling sorry for myself.. all it takes to change my depressed demeanor is a quick glance at my 30 plus saved text messages in my phone and then I know I'm loved. Cheers folks... Life is great!


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  1. I love that I'm one of the few who gets to know about this little blog. You write beautifully Meg.
    Love you!