Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Camera Phone...

I'm sure this is more than you 4 followers want to see, but these are some of my favorite pictures all taken with my handy little phone. Mind you I have 242 pictures on my phone so these are the best of the best... sort of.

Randomly found flyers on the third floor of the TSC proudly displaying AUBREY ROBERTSON and some dumb information about the census.

To celebrate Julia's birthday we went to Denny's in Tremonton late at night. On our drive there, Kylie called the restaurant to tell them we were coming and to see if they would set up our table extra nice and write 'happy birthday julia' on whatever they could. When we got there the woman took us to our table decorated with stuff saying 'happy birthday amanda'

Wanna know what it would be like to see 500 Days of Summer in a theater completely alone? It might look something like this... it ain't pretty folks.

the only thing more entertaining than seeing a person riding a scooter on the freeway in Pervo, Utah is seeing a person riding a scooter on the freeway with a half dozen inches of butt crack hangin out

Did you ever hear about the time I worked at Pepperidge Farm as an assembly line worker? True life. Thank goodness the Farm helped me prepare for the flood that was comin! Sure i could have unhemmed the pants to show less of my velcro non-skid shoes but would I have loved my job as much if I did? nope.

My dear Molly wanted to wear a belt buckle to the Caldwell Night Rodeo but didn't have one so she made one... out of tin foil and beads.

I don't feel comfortable saying the name of the website that allowed me to make this mural, but I feel comfortable saying that making this of my friend Kyle Swodez was the funniest way I've spent my free time this year.

I sat across from this creep of a man in the math tutor center for several hours one semester. He was always sayin the creepiest things and talking to himself and would even high five himself if he got answers right.

Then i dropped my pencil and noticed what were on this mans feet... murdering boots!

Is it really a career if you don't have to wear a hair net at your work establishment? what about safety goggles? ear plugs? and how about a tucked in size large t-shirt?

girl let me see yo' tootsie roll!

In the summer me and Jocelyn had a little BBQ at her apartment. We didn't feel like the sign about 'no grills near the siding' pertained to us so we went ahead and BBQ'd away. and then this happened..

my unofficial stalker. I can't claim him as my own personal stalker because he stalks about 75% of the females on campus, but this picture truly captures him in his natural habitat.

me bein serious at work

Wouldn't you take this picture if you saw pink lace panties in the garbage at Rancherito's/Beto's? Yeah exactly.

Have you ever gone along on a trip with your friends to a place 'right by' St. George only to find out that 'right by' St. George is actually Colorado City, Arizona? Home of polygamists? Wait let me one up you if that's happened to you.. have you ever spent 6 nights IN a polygamist household? In the middle of Polyg Country? Have you ever been denied service by a 14 year old polygamist girl in a convenience store in CC all because you were wearing shorts and a tank top? Have you ever sang karaoke to a park full of polygamists on the Fourth of July? Yeah well.. I have.

Juicy and Murphy.. so cute!

Perfect way to spend an afternoon.. renting the siamese bike from Aggie Blue Bikes. And then cruising around campus offering people rides and swerving in and out of pedestrians.

Treating myself to a manicure... I get them from the best of the best. She tell me I look like cheerleada.

My little friends in Logan that I hang out with 3-4 times a week. Ryan, Zachy Boy & Ella

On a trip to St. George one weekend, the other carload of friends left later then we did. Expecting them to be there at 10:00 pm we get a text at 10:15 pm saying "we are stranded in Scipio, Utah". let me go into detail.. they stopped at a gas station in Scipio to go to the bathroom and gas up. Once they got back in the car, the driver who shall remain nameless asked who had the keys. No one had them. Two hours of searching for the keys in a 300 square foot area and they were still M.I.A. Thank goodness for AAA and 100 miles of free towing.. and a friends boyfriend for driving to Provo with the extra key. I don't feel like sharing what happened after this but the keys are still missing. Scipio, Utah has a black hole!

I spend enough time with this little guy to be in a relationship with him. I love baby Drew!

Sarah giving her brother a hair cut..

I have nothing but love for Lisa after she put on the gorilla suit and walked around wal mart and bought bananas. then a respected wal mart associate asked her to take the mask off.. so she walked around wal mart in a gorilla suit without the mask. pure comic relief.


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  1. This is about the 4th time I've come back to your blog just to read this post. It makes me laugh OUT LOUD! The murdering boots, the gorilla suit, the tootsie roll, your Peppridge Farms uniform, etc..... you are too funny! And seriously - how come you are so gorgeous? It really isn't fair.