Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There's no easy way to say this..

I don’t know a better way to start out then by sharing this picture..

BOOM! Passed out cowboy in the bathroom of the restaurant I work at. Before he became comatose in a public bathroom he was sitting at a table in my section takin shots of whiskey then washing it down with Corona. He wasn’t in his right mind to be giving me the compliments he did but my self esteem needed it so I kept on bringin out the booze. After a well flirted for tip from the table of cowboys they were gone … all but one. A picture was more than necessary.

It’s hard to compare the rest of my life’s events on the same scale as shiz faced cowboy, but there’s a few things that are decent in comparison. My sister Glamber got married and then my brother decided to throw me under the bus and get engaged. I was already the odd man out in the family but now I will have the opportunity to be the lone man at all family events. Cabin trips? Top bunk. Family dinners? Folding chair at the dining room table. Family pictures? Standing next to my parents with their pity arms around me cradling me like the lonely single child I am. Sunday walks? Hand in hand with…. MYSELF. I’m not bitter. I’m observant.

Brian gets married at the end of the month in Montana so it’ll be fun getting back together with my family. ((currently accepting applications for a wedding date))

yeah i know.

husband. wife. single. fiance. fiance.

if this doesn't scream AMBER i dont know what does

the happy couple.. oh wait.. next picture

brian & kalie

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  1. Hahaha! I love it! That's so cool to see what your family's up to! LoOoOoove it! <-- from Dragon Tales, Weezy voice:)